Sunday, 12 December 2010

Touching The Joy

Many moons ago when I was 'in therapy' my therapist introduced me to the concept of 'touching the joy'.  It is something I feel priviledged to have experienced on a handful of occasions since, and I am forever grateful to her for making me aware of it to fully appreciate it when it happens.

So what is it?  I imagine the circumstances vary hugely for different individuals, but the experience will be very similar.  It's that feeling you get when everything is perfect.  It only usually lasts for a few moments, a few minutes if you're lucky. Your mind is totally at peace.  You are not worrying about anything.  Nothing is out of place, or out of kilter.  You feel serene, you feel comfortable, you feel gratfeful.  The moment is such that you feel enveloped in the joy, hence 'touching' it.  If you could see it I imagine you would be surrounded by stardust ;-)

For me the circumstances usually involve various combinations of sitting or lying in intense sunshine and the warmth that it brings, a comfortably full stomach, peace and quiet, a beautful view, a loved one.

The most recent one that springs to mind for me was  in the week following the birth of my first son.  Relaxing at home, with him laying peacefully in my arms.  Yes that was a while ago but these moments are rare. And in my experience particularly so in a family setting. I find childrearing immensely stressful!

Here is a short clip of that 'moment'.  It is very grainy, the music in the background is terribly distorted, and the breast pump in the foreground adds an unwelcome dose of reality, but hopefully it still manages to capture something of the mood.

Have you ever 'touched the joy', and what brings about that moment for you?