Saturday, 26 March 2011

What's In A Name?

On Sunday 20th March Moonbeam was baptised, and it got me thinking about how much I liked his name and what a good choice we had made.

I consider myself fortunate in that I like my own name, and I feel that it represents me very well.  I often wonder, however, whether this was a well thought out decision or a happy coincidence.  How much thought do parents generally put into choosing their children's names ?  How did you choose yours?

Unsurprisingly for someone with obsessive/compulsive tendencies I put a great deal of thought into the names I chose for my boys.  I should explain that whilst they go by the names of Star and Moonbeam on here, their real life names couldn't be more different.  I wanted old, traditional names.  Strong names.  Names that would offer gravitas to the professional young men I hope they will become.  Names which, if shortened, were still pleasing, yet befitting of young men whiling away carefree nights at the rugby club.  Names which somehow sounded right together with our surname.  Names that were not too common as to have a class full of namesakes, but nor so unusual as to be teasing fodder at school.

A great deal of thought indeed, but worth it when I see my boys, both now and into their future, and am satisfied that their names will serve them very well.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Getting Into Shape #1

Having gone public with my 'Fit, Foxy and Fabulous' intentions a couple of days ago I thought it was time I put down some markers and started with the basics.

I am generally a pretty healthy person.  I had a big wakeup call a few years ago when I was struck down by a debilitating episode of depression.  During this time I started looking at my lifestyle, reading lots, researching widely and retraining and from that implemented some big changes.  I felt vibrant, and it is this state that I am endeavouring to return to.

Sadly pregnancy didn't agree with me and whilst my babies were fine and dandy, I did not fare so well.  No lasting damage, but my pregnancies, and in particular the last one, were truly horrific.  So now I am on a mission to rebuild myself, and put my child bearing misery behind me.  If you would like to put some vibrancy back into your life why not join me?  Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear about what you're doing and how you're getting on.

I began the healthy eating regime a couple of Mondays ago and so far that is going well.  I am 5'6" and my starting weight was 10st, which is 2st heavier than my pre pregnancy weight.  Weigh in day is a Monday, and this week I was 9st 9.8lbs which I am delighted with.  As I am breastfeeding I am not dieting as such but have simply cut out the junk, leaving my otherwise healthy diet unblemished.

I had planned on starting the exercise this week but having had a week of hideous nights with Moonbeam that fell by the wayside.  As soon as I feel up to it I will be doing Jillian Michael's '30 Day Shred' on alternate days, with running in between, and one day off a week.  I will be using the 'Get Running Couch to 5k' ipod app to help me with this. The DVD takes just 20 mins, and the running 30 mins.  Achievable even with a young family.  It also avoids the need for gym memberships for those of us without the time and/or money to take this option.

If you would like to join in, leave me a comment with your blog URL and I'll give you a mention and include you in a future post.  Surely, sharing a little blog love helps us on the way to feeling fabulous ?

At a very basic level that's my plan to tackle the 'fit' part of Fit, Foxy & Fabulous, and my progress to date. More details, and progress updates will follow on future posts, but in the meantime, thanks for dropping by :-)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fit, Foxy & Fabulous...

...and 41, that's me.  Erm, not quite.  The 41 bit is true but as for the rest...

I don't know about you, but I feel far from this most days.  Let's consider each one for a moment.

Fit - I am positively unfit.  It might only be 9 weeks since I had a c-section to deliver Moonbeam but it doesn't excuse the fact that I feel sluggish.  With a baby and 2yr old Star to contend with this is not helpful.  What's more summer is rapidly approaching meaning fewer clothes and more flesh on display.  I currently have way too much flesh to put on display.

Foxy - I don't know about you but I find that a sluggish body seems to infect my brain, leaving me with my now also sluggish mind.  I need to reclaim my sharpness, my wit, my confidence and let that spring sunshine infiltrate the sleepy, shadowy recesses of my mind.

Fabulous -  Surely a fit, healthy, trim body and a bright shiny mind makes you feel fabulous?  Well, almost, but I'm thinking a bit of pampering, polishing and me time should put the cherry on top.  What kind of pampering and polishing makes you feel fab?

Over the coming weeks and months I will be embarking on my fit, foxy and fabulous adventure.  It won't be a quick fix but instead I will endeavour to find a new happier, healthier lifestyle that is sustainable with a young family and all that it demands.  I will be sharing my successes and failures, and hints and tips here so if you feel in need of some fitness, some foxiness or some fabulousness why not join me?  I would love to hear your own ideas on what works for you.

The destination should be amazing but we can enjoy the journey too, so come on, climb aboard!

If you would like to join in, leave me a comment with your blog URL and I'll give you a mention and include you in a future post.  Surely, sharing a little blog love helps us on the way to feeling fabulous ?

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