Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Gallery - Togetherness

March 2010 - Togetherness

I am very concious that living as I do 160 miles away from my family it would be easy to allow my boys to grow up not really knowing their wider family.  I would hate this to happen, as I have many fond memories of time spent with aunts, uncles and cousins as a child.  So, since Star was born I have made a point of going to visit for at least one week in six, and he also stays with my sister for holidays, allowing the hubby and I to indulge our sun worshipping passion.

This photo was taken in Devon by my mum on a Sunday morning outing and shows Star with my sister and my two nephews, all of whom he adores, and they adore him.  And that makes my heart sing.

This post is for Week 46 of The Gallery: Togetherness.