Hello There !

Thanks for dropping by. I'm Louise and I live in rural Berkshire with my fantastic husband, our gorgeous two year old son, who will be known as Star, and our much longed for second son Baby Moonbeam, born Jan 2011. We also have two weimeraners and hubs has a twelve year old son from a previous relationship who spends half his time with us.

I was a late starter, finally meeting my husband well into my 30's, and getting married just a few weeks before my 37th birthday. Star arrived in 2008 when I was 39, and Baby Moonbeam at the grand old age of 41.

I haven't found the transition from independent person, to stay at home mother an easy one and continue to struggle with the restrictions and loss of freedom it brings. This blog will record my endeavours to find the joy in both domestic life and motherhood, with a splash of the things that really float my and wellbeing, and getting on my soap box about all manner of things.

My particular areas of interest include holistic therapies, preventative medicine, nutrition, assisted conception, and mental health including early onset dementia. To find out more add me to your reader and look forward to a smorgasbord of posts.